Essay On Stress And Stress

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Introduction Social behavior is a concept that effects the individual self professionally and personally. This concept is viewed by Bordens and Horowitz (2002) as personal characteristics plus social situations equals the response in social behavior. Understanding the concept of social behavior through social behavior theories, provides a way to analyze the individual’s reactions based on the result of a social interaction with others. For this paper, the topic of the effects of stress and stress management will be discussed and how it relates to the individual in a personal and professional way. Social behavior theories, such as the learning theory and gender role theory, will provide an understanding of the critical issues and problems of stress, best practices and strategies to use to manage stress, how it effects the individual socially and within the workplace, along with future recommendations to help maintain the stress experienced by an individual. Theories and research related to social behavior and stress Stress can be viewed and experienced differently, especially depending on the setting where stress is occurring. The American Institute of Stress (2017) provides two definitions of stress where it is seen as mental, emotional, and physical strain and it can be considered the condition of an experience when an individual feels as though they do not have the needed resources to complete a task. Both of these definitions apply to stressful experiences within the

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