Essay On Student Retention

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One of the best ways to develop fluency with any research method is to read many peer reviewed journal articles. The following paper will summarize the topic, problem, purpose, design, and findings of five peer reviewed qualitative studies. All five peer-reviewed qualitative studies have one relation; student retention, the topic of a dissertation.

Dadashova, A., Ziskin, M., & Hossler, D. (2010). An Examination of Institutional Practices Surrounding Student Retention. Retrieved from

The purpose of this study is to put noteworthy assets toward enhancing student retention.
The topic of discussion in this article is about Institutional practices surrounding student retention. The problem faced for colleges and universities to gain insight into what other institutions are doing and how these policies and practices influence
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Student affairs and administrations divisions and the partnerships and collaborations in which they engage with faculty, students, and the community from the structural center of institutions' approaches to student support. Although past research has recognized areas normally connected with the student affairs and administrations portfolio and components that impact the organizational structure, little is known about how staff perceive their institutions' hierarchical structures relative to supporting student success. In spite of the fact that staff commented on their institutions' formal organizational structures (referring to titles, reporting lines, and expansiveness of portfolio), their remarks concentrated more particularly on how they saw the nature of their work and changes they have encountered in supporting student success as student bodies become more
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