Essay On Substance Use

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There have been numerous attempts historically to control and address issues related to substance use. Methods have been aimed at ways to eliminate the actual distribution, illegal sales and use of a span of substances. These methods date back in to the 1800’s and include some of the psychoactive substances that are now in epidemic problems in many states. The methods put in place in history have not been adequate to address the identified issues. Heroin is a substance where there has been a rise in use, addiction, and overdose.
Attempts to control the actual supply of heroin available to people has not worked. Heroin was first marketed in “1874”1. Even before then the hypodermic needle had been invented and used in order to obtain a more
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There has been a more active response to medical opiate abuse known as “The Medicine Abuse Project”2. This movement was in response to the increased documented usage of prescription drugs among teens. There has been a push for states to comply with proper prescription medication disposal, education, and for the pharmaceutical agencies to make drugs less tamper proof for abuse2.
It does not appear that the failures related to the current issues around heroin abuse are due to lack of efforts to control the problem. However, this maybe a reflection of deeper issues around corruption, poor funding, and of course the continued demand for the drug. There is a continued need to address the issues that fuel addiction. Finances should be allocated toward prevention and then in to treatment. There is historical information that has shown that removing the demand for a particular substance can eliminate part of the problem. Possibly addressing long standing issues that drive people to abuse substances in the first place may further alleviate the problems.
Heroin abuse has shown itself at various times in the history of abuse of substances across time. Innovative plans to address addiction, early prevention and education, along with new strategies to eliminate the source of drugs all need to be explored in a timely, expedited
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