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The festival of Sukkot is celebrated usually in September and October. Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning booths or huts, refers to the Jewish festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest (“Reform Judaism”, 2015). It also recognizes the 40 years of the Jewish wandering in the desert. Sukkot is celebrated five days after Yom Kippur on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei, which correlates with September and October, and is carries by several traditions (“Reform Judaism”, 2015). One such tradition, which takes the commandment to dwell in these booths very literal, is to erect a sukkot, a small, temporary booth or hut. Sukkot, plural is Sukkah, are commonly used during this seven day festival for eating, and entertaining, although some more traditional or orthodox might sleep in these huts (“Reform Judaism”, 2015).…show more content…
In the beginning, the holiday that became known as Sukkot had no specific date and was observed whenever the harvest had been completed. The date was later standardized. Sukkot then became one of the three Jewish Pilgrimage Festivals. Two additional symbols associated with Sukkot that are historically based; the lulav and the etrog (“Reform Judaism”, 2015). Lulav is a Hebrew word meaning palm branch and refers to a unique ceremonial object associated with Sukkot (“Reform Judaism”, 2015). Lulav also is a generic term that describes a three sectioned holder with a single palm branch in the center, two willow branches on the left, and three myrtle branches on the right. Etrog is a Hebrew word meaning citron, and refers to the special lemon like fruit used together with the lulav in the Sukkot ritual (“Reform Judaism”,
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