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The Summer of Heroes program of Walt Disney World will be evaluated by using survey method during the program. The survey is two-page long and the total question in the survey is ten. As a quick survey, the participants will take about seven to ten minutes to complete the survey. There are several reasons that we choose the survey method to evaluate The Summer of Heroes program. First of all, we want to gather information including the feedback based on the participant’s experience. The question on the survey will be based on the mission statement of Walt Disney World, the purpose statement, and also the objectives of the Summer of Heroes program. Therefore, based on the feedback that the participant provides, we can consider the program as success, or we need to adjust to improve it. On the other hand, the result from the survey also can help us to determine need for a new program or help us to design a new program.

Additional Methods
Beside survey method, we also use observation as an additional
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The Walt Disney World Summer of Heroes will have a large number of participants. We can’t give out the survey to every participant. On the other hand, the Walt Disney World Summer of Heroes is a program designed for Children from 6-12 years old, so we want everyone can have an equal chance to be selected for a survey. However, because the participant is too young, we also ask parent, guardian or any staff member to help participants who are not able to complete the survey by themselves.

Administration of Survey
The evaluation for the Walt Disney World Summer of Heroes will be conducted on-site at the end of the program. We will give the participant the survey right after they finish the program, so they will fully remember the experiences during the program. Therefore, we will have a good response rate or feedback in order to help us improve the current and the future
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