Essay On Susan B Anthony On Racial Equality

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The correlation between racial and gender equality
The advancement of colored men has always been the collective goal of the African American people. That includes both men and women. Upon the advancement of “freed men’s suffrage” freed women came to the realization that their rights were being neglected. This prompted the beginning of the freed women’s suffrage movement during the civil rights movement. There were few prominent figures in the fight for women’s suffrage but a name most commonly associated with women’s rights is Susan B. Anthony. Her along with civil rights activist Sojourner Truth, fought to prove women deserve all the rights colored men have earned, these rights would not only prove economically beneficial to the U.S., but
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Anthony argued that by giving women the same rights as men it would put said women in a position where she can work and “earn her own bread”. Essentially adding wealth to her household and independence to herself. Sojourner Truth has experienced working as a woman before the civil rights movement and makes a short commentary on the wage gap that some believe is still present today. “…men doing no more got twice as much pay.” Truth briefly mentioned that among other things but unlike Anthony she wasn’t fighting for women’s rights to work, she wanted women to have the right to equal pay just as colored men had. Frances Harper, another working woman, had unique but practical insight on the debate of working women. She believes the U.S. can handle the concept of equal work rights for women, but not for working black women. She shares an experience that where an ignorant group of white females left the work place because a black woman thought she had the right to work alongside them. Because of that Harper did not think it would be beneficial to empower black women when working towards gender equality. There was no indication that Harper herself was against the advancement of colored people for personal reasons. Gender equality is a battle still fought today, it is no longer a race issue because women of all color joined together to claim they are
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