Essay On Symbolism In Hills Like White Elephants

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Many authors use symbolism in their stories to represent something greater than itself.
Authors may use this item to tell the story with different items and by using symbolism many authors stories can have a different meaning than what the author had intended for it to have. In the story Hills like White Elephants, Ernest Hemingway uses many items to symbolize different things like the white elephants, the scenery around the tracks, the setting at the train station, Jig’s alcohol drinking problem, and the hills surrounding the train station.
In the story Ernest Hemingway uses white elephants to symbolize abortion. One way to look at this symbolism is to notice that the term “white elephant” was originally used in Indian culture where awhite
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The setting of the story being at a train station also represents how the relationship between Jig and the American man is at a crossroad, and merely just a stopping point. The train station shows how Jig and the American man have to decide whether to have an abortion or to keep going with the pregnancy and have the kid. The coming of the train also symbolic, traditionally, a train goes one way. Once it comes, it goes. Symbolically the train represents Jig’s choice. Like the coming of the train, if she decides to abort the baby, there is no turning back and he will have to live with the fact that she has had an abortion. When the American man takes both of their bags over to the tracks, he is hoping that Jig will go through with the surgery, and abort the baby. He is still uncertain as to whether she will in fact go through with the abortion, but he lets his opinion be known by taking their luggage and setting it by the tracks to be loaded on the upcoming train.

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Drinking is another item that is symbolized in the story. The drinks that the American man and Jig share are another instance of symbolism regarding Jig’s decision about having
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