Essay On Systemic Functional Grammar

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I. Introduction

1.1 Systemic Functional Linguistics

According to Halliday systemic functional linguistics (SFL) considers a language as a system of expressing meaning within context. Generally it is applied in understanding the quality of texts, the most authentic products of human interaction. Halliday (1985) considers a text as a semantic phenomenon but not as a grammatical one. However, as he notes semantics is interrelated to grammar as meaning is conveyed through wording that is with the help of grammar. In order to trace the meaning of a text discursive grammar should be functional and semantic at the same time, to be precise, grammatical categories must be interpreted as an expression of semantic models. Thus, according to Fontaine
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Metafunctional Analysis

3.1 Transitivity

Transitivity is a concept that looks on how meaning is conveyed in the clause. By definition, transitivity in systemic functional linguistics is a system that is process-centered and which encodes and decodes the experience and knowledge of human beings via lexicogrammar. According to Halliday (1967) transitivity is a property of clauses rather than verbs. Thompson (2000) also claims that transitivity is a system that describes the whole clause, rather than a verb and its object.

3.2 Nominal group
3.3 Mood
3.4 Theme & Rheme


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