Essay On Talent Management

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Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to outline the importance of Talent Management. Beardwell and Thompson define Talent Management as the natural abilities and skills an individual possess. As Talent Management has grown considerably over the last number of years it has emphasised the benefits it can have within an organisation if successfully practiced. To comprehend Talent Management one must understand the functions and strategies of Human Resource Management first. HRM functions and strategies will provide evidence that it is important to understand HRM practices and what are the major differences between Soft HRM and Hard HRM, this discussion should then link HRM practices back to the most current and highly discussed topic, Talent Management. Throughout the years HRM functions and strategies have being interpreted in many different ways but for this paper it will be to merge the similarities and strategies back to Talent Management practices.
Talent Management will be divided into subheadings such as the concept of Talent Management; which will highlight that yes, Talent Management is important and is a commonly used term in the corporate world but there is not enough academic research behind
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Understanding the similarities between HRM practices and Talent Management practices with strategies like Recruitment, Training and Development and Managing employees. Both topics outline that they share the same objectives and outcomes according to industry experts and how these can be implemented effectively. The final topic will highlight why organisations need Talent Management practices and what are the key benefits in having a successfully organised system in place and also what are the effects if these practices are none existent within an
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