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Tapestries have been around for centuries; they've been used as shrouds, blankets, bed curtains, robes and upholstery. Their biggest value, however, may have always come from simply hanging on the wall. Tapestries have been energy savers since the first king hung the first pictorial story of his conquests on the stone that made up his dining hall.

How Tapestries Save Energy.

Tapestries are natural insulators. They help add a dense layer to the wall, forming a stronger barrier against cold and drafts seeping through. They absorb heat and release it back into the room instead of letting it seep through the walls and windows, decreasing the need for excess heat and helping to balance a room's temperature.

In the summer, tapestries help keep
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Many tapestries have been discovered in the last century, and been successfully restored. Copies of these are guaranteed conversation starters! Some of the most famous tapestries, Lady and a Unicorn, or the Tree of Life, have become so popular that finding a reproduction is not hard. Others, such as obscure religious scenes, may be harder to find.

Why Choose Tapestries to Cover Your Walls?

Tapestries have been used as decoration almost as long as they have been used for drafty halls. They offered the perfect medium through which to translate events throughout the land. Wars and battles, meteor showers and historic novelties were all worked in bright colors and annotated with additional characters; ribald humor and a down to earth across the board manner was designed to deal with the average man.

This offered monarchs and priests the influence to regulate what news their serfs received, and how it was taken. As time went by and the art evolved, many things began to be depicted on tapestries. Simple everyday tasks like harvesting, feeding geese or riding after the hounds were common and popular. Others included Raphaelite Angels or New Testament
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