Essay On Task Based Language Teaching

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Abstract: Teaching through task or in Willis’ words “an activity which involves the use of language but in which the focus is on the outcome of the activity rather than on the language used to achieve that outcome” can create favourable learning conditions for the English language learners. Research has shown how tasks can improve the learning process of language skills. Among the recent effective approaches in ELT, Task-based Language Teaching , also known as Task-based Instruction has become an important approach. This paper focuses the implications of Task-based learning approach in English language teaching. Key words : language skills, TBL, approach, TBI Introduction : Language is the life and soul of communication. Communication should be the goal set to achieve main objectives of English language teaching. To face the competition in the job market, it’s essential that every student should be trained to acquire the basic level of competence in the usage of English language in his personal and professional life. Innovative and effective approaches are employed by the English language teachers and trainers. One method that has gained extensive acceptance and mobility is TBL or Task Based Learning. It is more student-oriented and practical approach compared to Text-Based Learning.…show more content…
N.S. Prabhu , 1987:24 emphasized that it’s an activity which required learners to arrive at an outcome from given information through some process of thought and which allowed teachers to control and regulate that process was regarded as a task. ‘Task’ is defined by Willis (1996) as an activity where the target language is used by learners for a communicative goal in order to achieve an
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