Essay On Tax Incentives

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The purpose of this paper is to recommend having tax incentives for employers who offer wellness programs to Governor Jaia which improves the health status of residents in the state while positively impacting the state’s economy. A tax incentive is defined as “a reduction in taxes that encourages companies or people to do something that will help the country's economy” ( The tax incentive for this health initiative will analyze the state’s economic bottom line while considering supply, demand, and market functions. The information provided in this recommendation will prove that this is the best option for which meets the needs of state residents while having a positive impact on the state’s economic bottom…show more content…
The analyst must show Governor Jaia that employers who supply these health initiatives to employees seek to “reap benefits from these programs including lower health-related costs, increased productivity, and higher employee morale, which increase their bottom line” (Berry, Mirabito, & Baun, 2014). Is the problem that exercise options and health foods are not available and affordable, or are individuals simply making the choice not to engage in healthy behavior because they prefer to spend their time and money on other goods and activities? The focal point of the analyst in answering this question should be to demonstrate how individuals that do not have access to or who are unable to afford exercise or wellness options are less prone to be involved in healthy behavior thus leading to lower productivity and absenteeism due to health-related issues. The analyst should point out that when employers take an active role in making healthy choices readily available to employees all parties stand to profit. Employees who choose to take an active role by participating in such programs benefit from healthy lifestyle changes which in turn increases productivity and reduces health spending for employers. Lastly, the analyst should attempt to present Governor Jaia with evidence based results showing how companies that engage in wellness programs for employees
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