Essay On Terrorist Violence

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Despite the struggle to bring about a resolution to the conflict during the 1970s and 80s, terrorist violence continued to be a problem into the early 90s, and British troops remained in full force. In 1981, ten IRA prison hunger strikers starved to death after they used hunger strikes to protest against losing their ‘special category’ status and against wearing prison uniforms. This democratic success persuaded Republicans of the benefits of politics instead of violence as a way of getting what they wanted. In 1985 British and Irish prime ministers Margaret Thatcher and Garrett Fitzgerald signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement. This recognised the Republic of Ireland's right to have an advice-giving role in the affairs of Northern Ireland.
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Between the years of 1969 and 2006 a total of 7,378 men, women, children, civilians, police, army personnel, republican, loyalist paramilitaries, and the remainder categorised as 'others' were killed directly as a result of 'the Troubles' (Moran, J, 2008).
The government in Northern Ireland is made up of all the main political parties according to their strength in the elected Assembly. Responsibility for governing the region is shared today by two political foes: the loyalist Democratic Unionist Party and the republican Sinn Féin Party (Law, RD, 2009).
In April 2002 weapons inspectors were satisfied that a substantial amount of IRA arms was safely stored and could not be used without detection. By 2005 the IRA had renounced clearly the use of violence. Ian Paisley, the head of the Democratic Unionist Party, met face to face for the first time and worked out an agreement for a power-sharing government. In 2010, the Saville Inquiry into ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972, found the Parachute Regiment guilty of 'unjustifiable firing' which caused the deaths and injuries on that day. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the killings were “unjustified and unjustifiable” and he was “deeply sorry” (Freedman, L, 2002).
In the political perspective there were numerous attempts to resolve the conflict by agreements from the Sunning dale Agreement which was in 1973, the Atkins Talks
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