Essay On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Minimum Wage

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There are many disadvantages when it comes to minimum wage that effects everyone in different ways. Minimum wage is the lowest commission that employers can pay their workers legally. Which causes a lot of different families with one income homes to struggle based off the income that they are bringing in and for those that make a higher income than minimum wage risk having to spend more money for normal life necessities
One of the many disadvantages that minimum wage has on families is not being able to make ends meet with all the responsibilities that families must maintain their life style. The low-income families do not benefit from the rise of minimum wage because many families depend on government benefits to help them. Also, the rise of minimum wage can cause the family to become ineligible to qualify for those benefits. With families not being able to qualify for the assistance that is needed to help them more people will fall into poverty and will become ineligible to be able to provide for themselves and with the increase in good finding a way to live and food and other items.
The second disadvantage of the rise
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Due to the many changes in the economy world on how much things will cost due to the increase in pay outs. With many people on government assistance the increase in wages will cause many families to louse their benefits. The major disadvantage of higher wages is the decrease in opportunities for the younger adults and college graduates because its going to stop many of the younger generation to not pursue a higher education because of the few opportunities that are going to be afford to anyone due to the decrease in job hiring. It causes many complications in the way of life with the increase due to the changes that will have to be made to adjust to the wage
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