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Neigh! Ray drew his bow back with the immense power of his shoulder muscles. As his bay horse, Blaze, Reared on his hind legs, voom, voom, voom, Ray picked of as many defenders as possible. Then, he jumped off his horse, pulled out his sword of fire, and stored plowing his way like a battering ram. Suddenly, he felt a searing a thud into his shoulder as he saw a arrow embedded into his armour. He looked up and saw Lord Shigru dropping his longbow, he pulled out his sword and with a scottish accent, yelled I challenge you to single combat. Ray pulled out the arrow in his chest, and turned to face the new challenge.
Clip clop, clip clop went Blaze’s hooves as he galloped through the desert. Ray stopped his group and gave them a fifteen
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I must find Blaze”, Ray replied. Half an hour later, Ray left with one water cask, his sword, bow, and arrows, to find his horse. With not even a map, Ray wondered how he would find his horse.
Day after day, Ray stumbled through the desert trying to find his horse, but the sandstorm had covered all his tracks. Not even leaving a mark in the sand. Four days later, Ray sat behind a rock dying of thirst. Suddenly a huge sand tiger jumped from behind a sand dune, and pounced upon Ray. Ray pulled out his sword, but he was too late. The tiger bite at his side as he tried to pull it off. Suddenly out of nowhere, an arrow slammed into the the tigers shoulder, and it fell to the ground dead. Ray had no strength left, and he began to fall over. The last think that he remembered was the man who had saved him catching him, and saying, “ rest now.” With that Ray fell unconscious. When Ray woke up, he was lying in a soft bed full of cushions. He tried to get up, but a soft voice said, “ lie down. You will hurt yourself.” like this, Ray was weak for three more days. On the fourth day, Ray walked around the small tent that he was healed in. The man who had saved him was named Shin. He was the leader of the borbodium tribe. The borbodium tribe was a nomadic tribe where all the people treated each other like brother and sister. As Ray walked around, He caught sight of the stables. What he saw made him made him run. Blaze was there eated hay,, and when
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