Essay On The Adventures Of Gilgamesh

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What is a babylonian hero?

A babylonian hero could be many things. Actually a hero in general could be or mean many things, depending upon the person of course. Being a character like batman doesn't mean you're a hero always just like being the joker doesn't always make you a villain. This is why my figure of speech perfectly describes “The adventures of Gilgamesh”.
Understanding is being approachable and realizing it's not all about you and that not being perfect is okay and this exactly what Enkidu had gained from having sex with prostitute. After his seven nights of fornication he realized he had not only experienced a human feeling of erocticness, but physically he realized he could no longer be with the animals he originally slept, ate
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If anything he was careless he cared about no one but himself, he was raping young woman and enslaving boys. Gilgamesh needed Enkidu whether he knew it or not. When Gilgamesh and Enkidu got into the fight they both realized how much they had in common and made up. That's when they took a journey together, the journey they took brought them closer together, they were helping each fight off bulls and compromising with Gods, it was just amazing. Gilgamesh developing a friendship helped him see ( in my eyes) that people have feelings and when you do stuff to hurt people it comes back to hurt you later and even though that wasn't said you can still make a conclusion about how other people feel compared to how he felt about Enkidu’s death. All the stuff Gilgamesh did to people came to bite him in the butt, he deserved to lose something close to him and feel the pain. I can say I am glad that he grew up and realized it wasn’t all about him. By the end of this story he was happy for mankind and that takes a lot not to be selfish or mad about the situation so therefore he wasn't selfish anymore, he accepted that he was going to die like any other
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