Essay On The American Civil War

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The American Civil War is a civil war that is fought since 1861 and it is now the year 1864. The Union and the Confederacy are fighting for independence of African Americans to determine the survival of the United States of America. Thousands of young men left their safe homes with loving families and friends for many months to fight in the war to fight for America. The Union will win this battle and make America survive and claim independence and equality for all, but in doing so our strong soldiers have to participate in long hours of drill, often insufficient food or shelter, disease and many days in the hot dusty roads. There lives are very tough right now and it is very hard to communicate with you. All they have from there missed loved…show more content…
They are living in horrible living conditions like trenches and tents.You all might not even be able to picture these codnitions because you may not want tp bekleve how bad the living consitions are but im twelling you this to explain the reality of war to you. In the camp, the our brave soldiers home is known as a dog tent. It is a piece of canvas buttoned to another to form a small two- man tent and sometimes our soldiers would not have anywhere to sleep because the Confederates capture their tents. These army camps looks like a city of white canvas that are usually covered by smoke. The soldiers construct log huts that are large enough to fit several men, which are made by trees. Also, Marching and fighting drills is a huge part of the soldiers routine. Each man gets orders and formations like marching in column and they practice guard mount and other procedures to learn for the rifle musket. In addition, drums were used to announce daily activities. The drum is played to wake up the soldiers at 5 AM followed by an assembly for breakfast and I have seen that sometimes it is used to give signals to load and fire their weapons. Another major aspect of the soldiers lives are the activities they participate during their breaks in war. The soldiers play cards and play rounders or town ball. Also, they play with planks of wood and a ball of twine.The
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