Essay On The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby has always been a great book, but have you ever wondered what the meaning of “The American Dream” is..? To me the american dream… is anyone and everyone can come here to american and achieve their goals, they can have better lives here in the US, they can be more successful when they put their minds to it. Fitzgerald's was making it seem that the rich or more money you have the happier you'll be, the better off you are in life. He paints a picture making it seem money will buy their happiness forever. The american dream is about success and dreams, not about money or wealth. The american dream from 2 very different point of views. Fitzgerald made his point of view that with money your life is…show more content…
He wanted to make his life better than what it was when he was younger. Gatsby didn't like how his life was so he set a goal to achieve better and do better. When he was legal he changed his name and got a clean slate. “Who is this gatsby anyhow...some big bootlegger.” Gatsby was known for having this big huge beautiful house, where he would throw these huge parties. Everyone in the whole town that knew about the party would dress fancy and wear their expensive things, and have a good time at the gatsby house. He made all this money and got wealthy by doing dirty work with the mob. Fitzgerald made gatsby seem he was unhappy when he was poor, but when he changed his name and started making money Jay Gatsby was happy and content with life. The east egg has always been about bonds, and new companies. It was starting to become wealth and sky rocket in businesses. It helps people make money and build the community. “I moved to the east and learn about the bond business.” the west side was becoming trashy and old looking and was starting to look like the slums. Nick decides he would be better off on the east side to start a new life event. He started learning about the bond business, everyone else in his family was in the bond business so he started supporting it. He thought moving to the east would help him with business and help him with money and would be better off in the east than the west. Since the west was getting poor looking
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