Essay On The Atomic Bomb Decision

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In 1945, America was left with a crucial decision that would change the world forever. The Second World War had just come to an end and the Japanese military was still yet to surrender to allied troops. America was left to decide whether to drop the atomic bombs on Japan or not. America was justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan as militarily sustained Japan’s surrender to bring an end to the horrific war and economically saved America millions of dollars. However morally, America’s decision was unprincipled and dishonorable to mankind.

Militarily, America was inclined to drop the atomic bomb, as Japanese troops would not surrender due to their strict code of fighting. Japan was not threatened by anything and was never going to give up their fight to rule over the pacific region of the world. Japan’s militaristic ideologies followed the code of fighting Bushido. This meant any Japanese man to surrender would be regarded as a coward and is letting his country down. Japan was adamant that they would “fight to the last man” , illustrating the length that Japanese soldiers would go to in order to end
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The Manhattan Project was started in 1942 in order to produce the first US nuclear weapon. Over time the project had proved to be a large investment to ultimately obtain nuclear weapons to secure American safety. This project itself was one of the “greatest scientific [gambles] in history, costing more than 2 million dollars” , underscoring the immense effort the Unites States are putting into this seemingly worthwhile project. Controversially, if Truman had not decided to use the atomic bombs, many citizens would consider the Manhattan Project a waste and a huge dissipate of money. People would believe that economically that US had achieved nothing but the creation of a workable atomic bomb for the enormity of money invested in to
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