Essay On The Battle Of Gettysburg

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The Battle of Gettysburg
“The Battle of Gettysburg is remembered as a turning point in the Civil War and the biggest, bloodiest battle ever on North American soil” (Welch). It was extremely influential to the outcome of the Civil War and had the largest number of casualties in a single battle. The three days of fighting resulted in the Union victory and cost thousands of soldiers their lives. The Battle of Gettysburg was significant to the outcome of the Civil War because of what happened during this battle, why it occurred, and how it affected the war itself.
In May of 1863 Lee’s battle plan was to bring the war to the enemy territory occupied by the North in order to apply pressure on the North and give the South a rest. So he started his northward march on June 3 with approximately 77,000 men. This would be Lee’s second advancement North and upset the United State’s plan for a summer campaigning season and hopefully upset politician’s strong opinions in support of the war. He wanted them to see the war like the South had seen it. Lee hoped to also take some pressure off of the beaten up south. The
King 2 invasion northward would allow the Rebels to live off of the northern farmers and give Virginia a much-needed rest after suffering so much in previous battles. Lee’s 70,000 plus army could threaten Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington D.C. and put pressure on leaders to push for peace and possibly a truce (Tousignant). “The Battle of Gettysburg begins (July

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