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A massive capture the flag tournament is taking place at the camp and Ares and Athena are captains of the teams. Percy is partnered with team Hermes while also being allies with team Athena. Team Ares wants revenge on Percy for the incident in the bathroom. Percy shouldn't be underestimated as he fought them off standing in the creek. While this is happening, Luke makes a stride to capture the other team's flag and is successful! Percy is shocked that the water from the creek healed his wounds. Although suddenly a hell bound emerges and begins to attack Percy. Chiron believes someone from the camp summoned it. In a turn of events, a hologram appears, it's Poseidon, he is claiming Percy to be his son. Unfortunately, Percy is moved to…show more content…
Dodds. Percy quickly grabs Annabeth's invisibility hat and tries to sneak to the front of the bus, but it's too late. The average looking women transform into Furies and begin attacking them. Percy manages to stop the bus and destroy the furies, except for Mrs. Dodds. They come across a store called "Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium." Grover tried to warn Percy and Annabeth, but they go in any way. A woman named Aunty Em greets them, who offers to make them all food for free. Strangely enough, Aunty Em calls Annabeth by her name without them introducing themselves. She begins to discuss how she makes all of these statues, Annabeth suspects who Aunty Em truly is; it's Medusa. After an intense and scary fight, Percy severs her head off, just as Perseus achieves in the original story. They wrap the serpents head up and place it in a box. Later that night, Grover tells Percy he wants to get his searcher's license and what that means. They're satyrs who go on a quest to find the god of Wild Places, Pan. No satyr has ever achieved this and Grover wants to be the first. Percy falls asleep and has a dream about a cave and a strange person inside of it, and they were asking for Percy to bring them the bolt. When he wakes up, he finds Grover to be making $200 to cover the costs of their train ticket to Los Angeles. On the 2-day train ride, Annabeth reveals a lot about herself to Percy. She tells him about her mortal father, who never wanted her. Annabeth also mentioned
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