Essay On The Boston Massacre

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With colonists throwing snowballs with shards of ice to colonists laying on the ground and losing blood. 5 colonist deaths and 6 nonfatal injuries that profoundly affected their day-to-day lives. The Boston Massacre was a fatal altercation between a mob of violent protesting colonists and a group of British soldiers protecting themselves. It occurred on the night of March 5th, 1770, a small argument broke out between a few colonists and British Private Hugh White in front of the Custom House in Boston. After a while, more colonists started to gather around creating an agitated mob. Many think that the British were at fault for firing when not given permission, and others think the colonists were at fault for harassing and mocking the…show more content…
We will not have you here. We’ll get rid of you, we’ll drive you away!” Most consider the acts of the British Soldiers as self-defense against the colonists, and personally, that is true. The Second reason is that is that the colonists pushed their rights against the British Soldiers. The colonists would hurt and taunt the British Soldiers while knowing that they couldn’t taunt them back. The British were quick-tempered but managed to stay loyal and not fire until it got too out of hand and the colonists started a riot, then that when the British Soldiers responded with force. The colonists essentially started the fight by using force first.

The third reason is that the colonists were very violent and brought weapons. They would pick things up from the ground such as sticks, stones, shovels, and clubs. Although the British Soldiers had powerful muskets, the muskets take a long time to reload and by the time they reload almost 50 or more stones or sticks could have been thrown. The colonists had a big advantage over the British Soldiers. The British Soldiers used self-defense not an act of violence.

Part African and part Native American, it was Crispus Attucks. Crispus Attucks was the first to get shot and die in the Boston Massacre. He was a dock worker and his death was considered the first death in the Revolutionary War.

There are many reasons why people would
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