Essay On The Christmas Carol

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I have to say, this play was intriguing to me, with the three interlocking plots, all of which surrounding a common theme; marriages. I am not familiar with this play outside of this class, I had wanted to see the Hollywood adaptation with Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Stanley Tucci, but I never got around to it. To be honest, I didn’t identify with any of the characters or the plot itself, which caused great difficulty in choosing an angle for this paper.

The planned marriage between the good-natured, appreciative Duke Theseus, who makes the best of everything, and the Amazonian queen, the proud, fastidious Hippolyta was interesting, with a Pagan twist, I enjoy Paganism and Pagan Esque mood, scenery, and feel. Then an utterly mad scramble
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It was a fun, We didn’t have any dancing choreography but learning what it takes to put on a show was very intriguing. The Christmas Carol was shown on the main stage at the Lincoln Center. We had multiple props and stage settings that had to be moved or repositioned during the play, which I think almost takes away from the magical performance of the entire play, it was nice to see the Bas Bleu Theater was smaller and more manageable, as to not take away from the…show more content…
The societal restrictions and the dramatic differences between the real world and the fairy world. I do not agree with allowing only men to be the decision makers and leaving the women to deal with the cards they’re dealt, but that was many years ago, thankfully! A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a play that was done quite beautifully by FRCC students. I was mesmerized by the acting abilities of all of the characters that I was frequently drawn in, sitting on the edge of my seat, thrilled to be there in the presence of all this
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