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The Columbian Exchange The discovery of the New world or America in the year 1492, and The Columbian Exchange it played a significant role on bring resources to various parts of the world. It brought the exchange of various resources like plants, animals, and diseases across the world. The year was 1492 is when Christopher set sail and put in motion The Columbian Exchange or also known as The Great Exchange. The Columbian Exchange affected the geographic location with the trading routes with Afro-Eurasia to the Americas. Also, The Exchange affected the economic with various countries with the trading. Finally, it affected the social change that made us the county we are to this day. With this exchange set forth the trading of various…show more content…
Trading with other countries was efficient because it got rid of any unnecessary or too much products for other products they needed or wanted to have. The Exchange opened new opportunities for other countries it offered them to grow and expand to make other products. An example would be is, “European settlers brought with them cattle, pigs, horses, wheat, and… that became the foundation for modern food and agriculture in the Western Hemisphere” ( Grennes 1). With this new trading with various countries the countries could develop or invent new products. Europe or Asia is also sending products that is developed in European or Asian countries and sending it to the New world or America to make money. An example would be, “Europeans brought technology that included iron tools and wheels.” (Grennes 2). With the technology advancing and trading the technology to different countries to make money, and it brings in profit to other countries. It is a win-win solution for the two or more countries that are trading with each other one of countries is making money to selling the product or selling the technology. The traded revolutionized how various countries are making money and still the trading still goes on toady but with more effective and modernized technology. The social changes that came with The Columbian Exchange is that different countries communicated with other countries to trade with. Some of countries

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