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Celena Campiglia Jarrett Phipps AMH2010 20 September 2017 Test 1 Essay 1, The Columbian Exchange The Columbian Exchange was a period of times with cultural and biological exchanges between the old and new world. The Columbian Exchange was mostly about the exchanges of plants, disease, animals, technology. They had to adjust to the 9European and Native American way of life. The beginning after Columbus adventure in the 1492 the exchanged lasted throughout the years expanding the lands and discovering. The Columbus exchanged impacted the social and cultural make- up of the Atlantic tremendously. The plants and animals of the two worlds impacted them with growing food, and being able to eat, they also differed more than just the people and the way they lived, many of the Europeans never encountered half of the aniamls nor had the Native Americans. The exchange of plant life within the Western Hemisphere and Europe and Africa completely transformed the diets of all the regions. Before Columbus voyage in Europe corn, potatoes, beans, were unknown. Potatoes were commonly called Irish it was native from South America explorers bright it back to Europe and that’s where it progressed. All the new fruits and vegetables that were a huge hit to the American’s the food plants were more complementary than competitive. With corn thriving almost everywhere, many new food crops transferred from the America’s to help spur the increase in the European population. Many young people

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