Essay On The Community In The Giver

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When first beginning to read the novel the reader may think this might be a story that the community seemed to be common place to stay, but in actuality it was a significant novel explaining the real concept of how you are not always informed with the truth by your community, state or even your government. The secret information that is kept from the citizens in this community is only in the hands of the Giver and the new Receiver, that is permitted to lie to anyone to keep the truth away from them. The citizens in the community do not truly know what happens during a release, except for the Nurturers that take care of the newborns and infants and the others who are in control of the releases. The community is not educated with certain words,…show more content…
The main character, Jonas, picked to be the new Receiver of his community. The receiver gets the information about the past from the Giver, who was once a Receiver when he was younger and got the information from his Giver at the time and has been repeated throughout generations. Jonas has been selected this rare position over his peers, since Jonas seems to show all the qualities of a receiver, such as intelligence, integrity, and courage. The last selected Receiver was 10 years ago, which also failed due to finding out the truth that was hidden from the…show more content…
The people does not choose who their families are or even the job they spend the rest of their life doing since it depends on the people who are in charge. The Receiver and Giver keep secrets from the community, and are allowed to lie to them about it. The community is not informed about what really goes on during a release, and what happens to the person. They also are not informed with what really happens in certain situations as in the release. This novel includes a community with a massive amount of secrets that are kept from the citizens, that affects how they see or even do things in their life or continue to in their
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