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At this point, it is quite clear that during the Golden Age, piracy wasn't only part of the news; it had an important impact on the culture of an entire country. Newspaper and trials are great examples because hundreds of them are relevant to this topic but a lot of other types of text are also worth mentioning and analysing. Pirates were a really interesting topic and famous author couldn’t resist giving us their take on it. The eighteenth century saw the enlightenment and many texts with various subject. The main idea was to leave the classics behind and for that reason, quite a lot of texts talking about the robbers of the seas can be found. It also inspired a lot of authors during the following centuries and some of those belonging to the Romantics even wrote bestsellers on this subject.
The Corsair
Written by Lord Byron and published in 1814, The Corsair is a poem in three cantos, in a similar way as Dante did for his Devine Comedy. The way the text is presented isn't its only link with the Italian writer since one of his quotes can be found at the beginning of each section. Piracy was at that time a very popular subject, the poem sold none less than ten thousand copies on its first run, a true bestseller.
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For that reason, it joins another popular topic of the beginning of the eighteenth century : the Oriental Stories. No kings are mentioned in it, only sultans. But still, the poem has been written by an English and was mostly read by Englishmen. For that reason, it totally belongs to the British culture. It starts with the main character explaining how much he loves being a pirate and how free he is. This passage is quite reminiscent to what we imagine nowadays. This text doesn't really teach us a lot about how life as a pirate truly was, it represents more how the people living in Great Britain thought it

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