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The sound of scratching echoed throughout the room as I dragged a piece of chalk across the floor. I held a tattered book in my other hand, its pages flipped open to an intricate drawing. My eyes flicked back and forth from the book to the ground. The scribbles on the floor became clearer until they lined up almost perfectly with the diagram. I connected the final part of the circle and let the piece of chalk fall from my hand. I placed the book on the floor and stood, taking in the result of several hours of work. The rough wooden floors of my attic were now covered with a large circle filled with symbols: reverse pentagrams, glyphs, runes. “Only a few more steps,” I whispered as I grabbed the bag I had brought up to the attic with me. I…show more content…
“It’s too late now. I have to do it.” My eyes fell to the center of the circle, where a blood-stained photograph laid. “For him.” I closed my eyes, taking in the smell of the smoke and old pages. “Conjuro te daemoni igneo,” I called out. My voice was booming in the tiny space. Wind whipped at my face, my hair brushing against my cheeks. There were tears beginning leak from my eyes, prompted by the acrid smell of burning filling the room. I’m trembling. “Ego vocare te et in… profundis vacui.” My breath caught in my throat. Waves of uncertainty crashed over me. No… no. Finish it. My hands clenched at my sides, shaking despite my best efforts to stop them. “Surge et voluntatem serve, quia ego sum ma gistrum suum!” The wind stopped. I suddenly couldn’t smell the bitter smoke, and the lights that danced on the inside of my eyelids flickered out. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t feel it anymore. You should open your eyes. I should, but I don’t want to. All the hairs on my arms stood up as the temperature soared. I stumbled backward, tripping over the bag that still laid on the floor. My eyes fluttered open as I moved to catch myself. I slammed into the ground and cast my sight down. For a moment, just a second, I saw what I had conjured. Why… why did I do this? Voices began whispering, like flames surrounding my body, burning me with every word. “Petunt et accipiunt, pythonissam.” “I…” I choked out. I

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