Essay On The DACA Program

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As of this month, the Trump Administration has announced removal of the DACA program and the Dreamers, who are immigrants currently participating in this program. However, after this notice was made, there are different sides on whether this decision will improve or damage America’s future. Determining whether DACA is beneficial or harmful to our country is important because this can create more awareness of the impacts that affect huge components of America, especially our country’s economy. If America kept the DACA program, this can be beneficial in many ways towards the future of our economy. The DACA program was created by the Obama Administration back in 2012. DACA is an acronym for Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals. The purpose…show more content…
Supposing that DACA stays, many businesses would have an easier time searching for qualified employees since there are a huge number of Dreamers in the US that have an excellent level of education. With the lack of employees increasing throughout the nation due to a huge number of DACA members losing work permits, many of these people also work in well-known companies that almost every American citizen relies on or uses during their lifetime. “…the data show that at least 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune companies – including Walmart, Apple, General Motors, Amazon…employ DACA recipients”. (American Progress, 2017). Many employees who are currently working in big companies, are going to lose their working permits due to the removal of DACA. This can result in a sudden drop of employees in the workforce, especially with well-known businesses. Many would argue that DACA immigrants, along with many other immigrants coming into the US, would cause a decrease in the quality of life for current American citizens living here now. When people from around the world coming into the US, this creates more supply and demand. With prices increasing and more resources being reduced with more people coming into the US, current citizens living in this country would not want more immigrants coming in. Even though there are
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