Essay On The Dark Sword

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The dim moonlight shone through the windows, giving life to the dancing shadows on the cold stone floors. A small, lithe figure clad in head-to-toe black, and armed to the teeth strode upon them. The only sound she made was the faint scuffle of her boots on the frigid flagstone floor. She moved with a purpose, striding down the halls in the shadows, watching for any approaching figures that might alert the sleeping castle to her presence.
She slowly rounded the corner, still shrouded in the shadows, ever vigilant for possible guards or servants passing through the drafty castle halls. She approached the heavy, oaken door at the end of the corridor that was surrounded by six attentive guards all dressed in the Black Crescent Kingdom’s
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The sleeping monarch inside the now unguarded chamber had absolutely no idea of their impending demise. Once the assassin was in the room, she barricaded the door with a heavy wooden chest of drawers and several chairs.
She advanced towards the bed, careful not to wake the sleeping queen, absentmindedly fiddling with her daggers, trying to decide which one to use on the queen. At the sight of the woman lying on the bed, her fiery hair flowing all over the pillow, her hand went to the dark jade stone at her throat. Done with her moment of remembrance, her scarred hand jerked out and seized the queen’s pale, unmarred throat, pulling her from her slumber, and the assassin dragged her towards the balcony, while the queen thrashed and clawed at the hands holding her throat in an iron grip. The assailant released her prey by throwing her to the ground, the queen rolling for several feet before hitting the stone railing on the balcony, instantly soaked by the pouring rain. As she stepped into the howling wind and beating rain, lightning flashed and the queen saw her face, the face of someone who should have been long dead.
“You… you should be dead...How?” the shocked queen stammered.
“You know, Amira, when you try to have your friends killed, you should really be more thorough.” the smirking assassin replied. “Maybe in your next life, you’ll have the guts to kill me yourself.”
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