Essay On The Date Before The Extinction Of Humanity

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2058, the date before the extinction of humanity. Sealife faced post-apocalyptic conditions, battling the greed of fishermen and surviving the harsh heat from the mainland. Only the toughest species can endure the changing conditions on Earth.

Ethan, a parrotfish lived near the coast of California. He found pleasure in harassing and eating crabs for dinner. His cave was surrounded by his relatives of verdant colored parrotfish. Often, cascades of burgundy red crayfish scurried along the abyssal depths of the ocean floor. A mile away, muddy, green, slobs of algae lined the surface of the scorching hot coastline, like pigeons on a telephone pole. Ethan always remembered his mother saying,

“Don’t get too close to the toxic algae
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He absent-mindedly bursted right into the well lit cave.

“Oooooooooh, seems like we have a visitor,” said a blue whale, supposedly the leader.

The whale was wearing stained gold necklaces around all of his fins and had been spray painted blue.

“Hey, he’s so tiny he’s just free food without the delivery cost,” groaned a whale shark as he clicked off the stereo.

“Why don’t we eat him for lunch?” asked another.

“Don’t make any decisions without me, I can kick sharks out like flies!” demanded the blue whale with a grin. “Okay, he must join us or he’s free lunch on Friday. ”

His gang members gasped. The blue whale turned to Ethan and said in a strong voice,

“We’ll make this simple, I know your family is captured, so you may join, or you may starve out in these wild waters.”

“Yeah, sure, I will join,” said Ethan.

“To join, you gotta prove yourself first,” said the blue whale.

He swam to the corner of the cave and came back with a wine glass full of the familiar green slobs. It contained a full cup of toxic algae.

“You either drink this, or you are my meal!” exclaimed the blue whale as he held out the transpicuous glass.

Ethan recalled his memory of his trapped family and the blue whale’s razor sharp teeth. His mother’s voice echoed through his mind each time getting louder,

“Don’t get too close to the toxic algae blooms!” The blue whale’s open jaws got closer to Ethan at each second. Ethan knew that if he didn’t
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