Essay On The Devil's Arithmetic

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The Devil’s Arithmetic is gripping book that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. It is a book to helps children of this generation remember the horror the Nazis caused. It is important for us to remember the past. We should always try to remember. This book is to remember the chilling tale furthermore. In November 1988 Jane Yolen wrote and published The Devil’s Arithmetic. The book soon grew to be popular and they soon made a movie. It released on March 28 1999 it gave the story of Chaya just as horrific. The tale goes like this. Hannah (soon to be Chaya) is tired of hearing about her religion’s past. She and her family will soon be getting together to celebrate passover. While she is celebrating she drinks too much wine. She then has a supernatural experience that takes her to Poland in 1941. She is in house with some new family that believed for some reason that she is from Lublin and her parents are dead and she is very sick.. Her family treats her being dysfunctional like nothing. Hannah has to change into a new dress for a wedding. The wedding is taking place in town, which they have to walk to, the husband and wife are supposedly going to be married soon, but the Nazis soon put a stop. While celebrating, they intervene with the Nazis. The Nazis then force them to climb into transportation at a very rapid pace. The new Jews that Hannah had just meant cram into the vehicles. They poorly have to go to one of the most famous death camps, Auschwitz. They are sent to…show more content…
Chaya goes back in time to learn about the past and change her into a better citizen. The characters are mostly accurate, but they do leave out some minuscule details. They keep the family the same in the present and the characters in the past are in both the movie and the book. The theme keeps the same and that is we should remember. The movie and the book talk all about remembering. Therefore since they have similarities, there must be
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