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The two became a fast pair. Elliot begrudgingly spent the money to fix his car in order to take the little thing, now named Buddy, to the necessary veterinarian appointments. Though he might have complained to the other waiters about the tightening of his wallet, he didn’t hesitate when the veterinarian suggested several expensive shots to ensure Buddy’s continued comfort. Life with Buddy wasn’t without its difficulties, the occasional couch pees and rug feces; but even the other waiters at the restaurant had noticed a change in Elliot’s tune - he had starting singing, singing to himself in between tables, in the kitchen, and even during late night closings when Elliot was typically in the most sour and surly of moods. After one late…show more content…
He opened his bedroom door the next morning after the in-house concert and felt an odd breeze. Did he leave the air conditioner on? It was winter in Arizona, which meant perfect weather to save money on air conditioning. “Buddy?” He called out, scratching and yawning his way to the kitchen. He picked at the scabs beginning to form around his fingertips. Odd, he thought. He wasn’t greeted by the tiny pup like he usually was, so he peaked around the house some more before he made breakfast. Again, he felt a cool morning breeze against his neck. Curious, Elliot entered the living room and saw that the screen door to his backyard was ajar. “Buddy?” He called out again, his voice cracking. He searched the entire house, under every table, every cushion, and the tiny dog could not be found. Elliot knew he had to go to work, but he ran out the backdoor to search regardless. It was starting to get dark before he finally heard Buddy bark. Elliot walked up and down the dirt path for hours until he heard Buddy call again and his heart jumped to his throat in anticipation. Elliot hurdled into the shrubs and kept moving until he heard several more barks, louder, more vicious. He paused. Elliot knew those sounds did not belong to Buddy. “Buddy?” He yelled again, his voice horse. He heard Buddy once more, but this time it was a sharp, piercing cry. When he finally found Buddy, he stopped thinking clearly.

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