Essay On The Dumbest Generation

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Are we the dumbest generation? This has been a topic of debate among people of the older generation if this newest age group is lacking intelligence. It is believed that because of the advancing world of technology, they have become lazy and do not seek to do the work necessary to achieve success. The older age group blames phones, computers, google, and other students pressuring the “geeks” to stop trying so hard. However, it is also mentioned that this generation is smarter than the rest. Technology is making lives easier, but it is also opening up more challenging jobs that the older generations cannot handle. They did not grow up with technology like this generation. An argument can be made for both sides of this debated issue.…show more content…
They have less skills using their hands then the older generations. They can handle and keep up with the newest technology, which is creating more jobs for the young people. Marcel Just, a cognitive scientist, said”[w]e are gradually changing from a nation of callused hands to a nation of agile brains” (Ito). It seems to the older generations that due to the younger people being more inclined to be on the internet than reading the newspaper or a book, makes them dumb. The older generations grew up in a time where technology is scarce and you had a job through the hard work of your hands. For today’s youth it does not matter if you are more inclined to hard labor or working behind a desk all day. There are jobs in both fields of work, but the jobs in the technology field are being taken by younger people. It can also be said that technology is hard to use, so it does take some level of intelligence to be in a field related to or that uses technology. The use of video games has also been frowned upon by the older generations. However the use of video games by young people is not a bad thing. It can be proven that “most gamers eschew reading manuals or walk-throughs altogether, preferring to feel their way through the game space…” (Johnson). They prefer to figure out the game and how to control it through experience and without guidance. This shows a level of intelligence that some of the
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