Essay On The Effects Of Drugs

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There are numerous number of things that can harm your body. A major one is drug. Not only does drugs harm your body, but also effect your behavior and people around you. Drugs come in many forms, from drinking to smoking. “Tobacco is one of the world most used drug, and it’s responsible for an estimated 5 million deaths worldwide each year” (Addiction and Health). Abusing drugs can cause mental, health problems, and also effect the people around you. The use of drugs cause people to experience mental issues such as behavior problems. This is due to the use of alcohol. Alcohol can cause damage to a person’s brain. You can tell if a person have been drinking or not by how they walk, their behavior, and their reaction. If an excessive amount…show more content…
Other form of drug such as inhalant can cause damage to the nerve cells which can be deadly. Inhalants affects the whole body. It is very poisonous “Due to the toxic nature of these substances, users may develop brain damage or sudden death” (Drug addiction, substance use disorder). Inhalants are very dangerous if inhale because they are extremely toxic and can cause damage to your internal organs, not only is it harmful to you, but also the society. Many drug users affects people around them and may not realize it. “Drug users are more likely than nonusers to have occupational accidents, endangering themselves and those around them” (drug addiction and drug abuse: Effects of Substance Abuse). Secondhand smoke is one thing that will have an affect on other people. It might not affect them right away, but later on in life if the person inhale enough of the toxic smoke everyday, it will cause some damage. People that use drugs can also increase the spread of infectious diseases to other people. “Heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine currently accounts for about 12 percent of new AIDS cases” (Addiction and Health). Most drug users have at least one disease they have already encountered. Diseases can be spread sexually and physically. Drugs can also lead to negative Moo 2 effects of infants and children. If a mother abuse drugs, it later on effects the infant or child behavior, thinking, and attention. Using drugs can cause countless negative effects. Before
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