Essay On The Effects Of War On America

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When thinking about everything our country has been through it all starts with a disagreement. It started with us fighting Native Americans, and then us moving on to fight England. Funny how some things never change. Over the years we have been in many wars, and battles. Some more memorable than others, but none the less just as scarring. Some led to great things and others didn’t, but in the end, there was always loss whether or not you won the war or lost it. So, how does war impact our country? In many ways war impacts different aspects of the economy, from social aspects to psychological impacts. When different countries go into war many different things happen. The first thing to happen usually begins with spending money. In the United States, ways we were found to be spending money was two identified fuel related costs. First, military services require additional fuel for military operations, including incremental flying hours, ship steaming days, tank miles, and ground vehicle miles; transportation of personnel, equipment, and supplies; and powering in theatre facilities. Second, the DOD Defense Working…show more content…
As the war stretched on, some soldiers came to mistrust the government’s reasons for keeping them there, as well as Washington’s repeated claims that the war was being won.. The war had changed the face of American invincibility. Many returning veterans faced negative reactions from both opponents of the war (who viewed them as having killed innocent civilians) and its supporters (who saw them as having lost the war), along with physical damage including the effects of exposure to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange, millions of gallons of which had been dumped by U.S. planes on the dense forests of Vietnam. More than 3 million people (including over 58,000 Americans) were killed in the Vietnam War, and more than half of the dead were Vietnamese civilians. (N.A.,
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