Essay On The Eyes Of A Girl

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As she made her way deeper into the ballroom, she saw a regal woman standing in the corner with a teenage girl. Their stunning green ballroom dresses were identical to each other, their hair was even done in the same way. The woman was gripping the girl’s arm tightly, an obvious look of pain and discomfort on the girl’s face. Rowena tried to eavesdrop on what they were conversing about, but could only pick on the urgent whisper of the woman. Rowena stood there deep in thought, not able to figure out who the random girl was and why the woman was grabbing her. The woman’s eyes flashed over towards Rowena, connecting with hers. Rowena felt a wave of deja vu wash over her entire body. She could never forget those eyes. Even though she saw them…show more content…
The king stood regally at the top of the staircase, and nodded, indicating for the ball to continue. Chatter filled the room again and everyone continued with their small talk and dancing.
She made her way towards the refreshments table, spotting her mother in the corner standing by a pillar, facing away from Rowena. Her heart started to beat excitedly, she knew that this was her moment, the moment she had dreamed about ever since her retched mother locked her away. A smile grew on her face and she couldn’t wait any longer. Rowena hiked up her dress, pulling out the silver dagger from her boot, trying not to be seen by any bystanders. (idk what else to write here so you can finish this and please edit anything you want i'm so tired rn bro)
Rowena flew her hand around her mother’s neck, covering her mouth with her hand, yanking her back into the shadows. Before her mother could even scream, she sank the tip of the blade into her chest excruciatingly slow. Rowena twisted the blade in her hands, sinking it deeper and deeper. As the rotated the knife sharply, the sound of her mother’s nerves and muscle being torn apart grew louder. The sound of her muffled screams filled Rowena with a pleasure she had never felt before. Her cry was a mesmerizing sound, soft whimpers mixed with agonizing choking, blood spilling out of her mouth and onto Rowena’s hand like a fountain. She sank to her knees, convulsing and trembling like a rabid animal. Scarlet liquid
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