Essay On The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

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In order to understand the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall, you must first understand what was happening in the world to cause the wall to be erected. The tensions began at the end of World War II. The Allied powers divided the conquered Germany into four zones. Each zone would be occupied by one of the four Allied powers; the United States, Great Britain, France or the Soviet Union. This division also took place with Berlin, which was the capital city of Germany. The relationships between the countries occupying Germany took a turn for the worse and they became competitive and aggressive with one another. This change in cooperation resulted in the Berlin Blockade in June of 1948. The Soviet Union was stopping all supplies from reaching West Berlin. This controversy pitted East versus West and democracy versus Communism. This situation was further complicated in 1949 when the United States, Great Britain and France combined to form West Germany, and the Soviet Union formed East Germany. The city of Berlin was situated in the Soviet Union zone of occupation. The city had been divided l into East and West Berlin, and this put West Berlin, which was a democracy, inside the communist territory of East Germany. It did not take long for the living conditions in East and West Germany to become very different. West Germany thrived as a democracy with rapid growth of its economy. Citizens were able to live well and travel freely. The Soviet Union stripped
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