Essay On The Fall Of The Roman Empire: A Historical Model

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The Fall of the Roman Empire:
A Historical Model The Roman Empire is often referred to as one of the most powerful and noteworthy empires to ever take hold of a large portion of the planet Earth. The Romans are heralded to this day for being one of the most culturally and socially influential establishments to ever carve their way through history. Rome is noteworthy for many reasons, some of the biggest being how many iconic historical figures came from it. The Romans can be remembered for their war tactics, their philosophers, even for the fact that they were the first civilization to develop indoor plumbing. When accounting for all the Roman accomplishments, it becomes a bit ironic that the most memorable, and perhaps most educational aspect of Roman history is the way it collapsed under its own weight. It’s evident to anyone that has been through a history class or two at some point in their life, that Rome truly is one
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In truth, some of these groups did settle down, and the foreign assistance went back to their native lands, with money in their pockets and a belly full of wine. Those groups had generals that were loyal to Rome, and didn’t want to contribute to its fall; but there were other small armies that did not behave so gently. Some of these generals grew proud of their conquests, they let the small taste of power spiral out of control, and they attempted smaller nationally internal conquests. Many of these militant legions wound up combating each other, and few actually wound up rising to the top. When conflict is nationally internal, for every victory there is an equal and opposite defeat. For every Roman a Roman killed, there was one less Roman. These people failed to see that dreadful aberration, and the Western Roman Empire would not have much longer to realize its
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