Essay On The Fall Of Weimar

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Many historians have tried to look into the reasons that could have contributed to the fall of the republic of Weimar and the post-war country of Germany was under the mercy of very many forces which were economic, political, external, internal, short-term and also structural. In addition, it is very hard to separate the forces as being responsible for the decline of the republic and looking very deep into the matter; one can realize that it is Nazism and Hitler who seem to be the main contributors to the fall of the democracy of Weimar. Some of the main reasons which contributed to the decline of the empire have been discussed below:
The responses to the Versailles Treaty The peace settlement of the post-war that was signed at
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Hostility to the parliamentarian and democracy government During the period of Weimar, most of the political parties gave no support to the political system of Weimar and on the other hand most of these political parties were attacking it thus making the republic to weaken each and every day, more so, the attacks on the political system of Weimar made the trust of the public on the republic to decline by a very big extent and thus the republic had to fall since it has no any other option left.
The great depression impact The collapse of the economy of Germany in 1929 had effects that were very direct to the nation and many of the people in the nation had no jobs and therefore there was a very serious problem of unemployment and also there was then the rise of certain groups which were radical in nature and it gave room for people like Adolf Hitler to take part in the politics of Weimar and according to history he is one of the people who led to the decline of the republic of Weimar brought about by the politics which he
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