Essay On The First Day At The Denali Lodge

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We had a good and bad news with the colds Allyson was feeling worst with a sore throat and decided for the second day to not talk (I could say so much about that but will not) and I was feeling 100% better than yesterday. We had breakfast at the lodge cafe which was quick and easy before heading off to the Denali lodge. Similar start to the previous day with forest tress obstructing our wonderful views of the rugged mountains. After a little while as we climbed a little higher the trees spread out and the beautiful mountains appeared in full view. During our coach ride we stopped a couple times to step off and take photos, the scenery was becoming more desert like with few trees and mainly small scrub with rivers and fresh snow cap…show more content…
We were told that bears frequently walk through the forest near the cabin and to stay in groups as bears will unlikely attack several humans at once. One of my buddies at work told me if I see a bear make sure your not the slowest runner, good advice but our tour guide told us running is the worst thing you can do, as the bear thinks your fair game and they can run faster than us humans. The advice was to stay put if a bear is coming towards you, that's of course if you cannot seek to shelter, make yourself as big as possible and talk very loud. Luckily we didn't need to use our newly learned skills although it would be good to see a grizzly from a distance. We continued our tour along Park Road spotting caribou and more moose before hitting the turnaround spot, taking some photos and heading back. On the way we stopped to meet a native Alaskan girl, she was 20 years old and grow up in Fairbanks. She works as a translator between her local native peoples and English speaking people. Towards the end she sang a lovely song that people have sang for many generations. We continued our travels and just before we exited the park a moose was walking beside the road and we got really good photos, we have now seen hundreds of bison and many moose over the course of the trip, where are the grizzly bears??? We arrived back at the lodge after 7pm and Allyson was still

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