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Future Research

My newly developed techniques and latest findings direct me for further innovative studies in the emerging field of environmental sciences towards conservation, detect environmental controlling parameters, biological function of living organisms and their interaction to the environment, and develop new technologies to protect the environment and public health. My challenge is to get a more complete picture of these issues in the near future which could help to resolve the problems of global climate change and use the CO2 and other greenhouse gases for beneficial purposes as a potential natural resources.

In the short term, I will continue working on several problems of my current research, including (1) two
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First, reduction of GHG, carbon capture and sequestration. Reduction of GHG is one of the most challenging tasks currently facing by the world scientists. Although a minor reduction process has been succeeded but they were used synthetic chemicals, which are in fact not good for environment. In consideration of this realism for protecting the future, my research will be focused to reduce GHG by developing new technologies on the biological mechanisms and without using any chemicals (Fig. ---). As I mentioned above (patent pending), I have already succeeded to reduce GHG up to 12%. In this long term project, I have targeted to clean the air 100% by reducing the harmful anthropogenic GHG as necessary. In this aspect, Carbon capture and sequestration is a very potent technique. Following this approach, carbon dioxide or other forms of carbon will be processed for a long-term storage. This process will be focused to capture CO2 by mimicking nature’s process for hardening tissues in living organisms. This is a similar biological process of corals and other calcifying organisms (ref--). However, here I would use a newly discovered group of microbes (described in the patent). In this technique, CO2 will be used as a potential beneficial material to produce highly useful products such as beneficial mineral for human health (fig--). In addition, some natural material (following the patent Aqua-NOF-GHG with some modification) will be used on carbon capture in
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