Essay On The Generation Of Obesity

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The Generation of Obesity America is growing bigger and bigger everyday, but not in a good way. Obesity has been a problem in modern America. Society has been trying to fight the obesity epidemic, but they have never done anything to prevent obesity. The obesity epidemic has become so awful that current teenagers may become the biggest generation in the nation. The choices consumers make can affect their health and their lives. There are several ways to gain weight, but many individuals are doing it incorrectly. There are simple ways to prevent obesity in teenagers, such as: a balanced diet, counting calories, and exercise. There are proposals to tax certain food products and fast food chains. There are numerous ways that parents can help their child. There are so many ideas on the table, but it depends on the individual to take those ideas and make better choices. There are multiple ways to gain weight, but many people are doing it the wrong. In the U.S., one-third of the country is obese. One reason why people are gaining so much weight is the food they decide to consume. In the United States, fast food and sugary drinks has become a custom to us. Today, society craves these products so much, it has become a part of everyday life. In the article,”The New War on Obesity”, written by Consumer Reports, they state, “Sugary drinks are a logical choice. They’re a major contribution to the daily American calorie intake- roughly 7 percent of all calories consumed- while
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