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Tennessee Williams, an American playwright, his famous works are “The Glass Menagerie” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” Tennessee Williams creation of drama is directly related to own personal life and experience. He has a sister Rose Williams she is diagnosed with schizophrenic. In The Glass Menagerie it is talking about a memory play in the 1940s talking about Tom Wingfield in the 1930s, Tom is the narrator and the major character in the book. The other three characters are Amanda the mother, Laura sister of Tom, and Jim the gentleman caller. Laura in the book is like a reflection of Rose; they both are disabled in some parts of their body. In The Glass Menagerie’s, Laura is crippled and in real- life Rose has schizophrenic. As the book has been a classical collection of Tennessee Williams a lot of people have read it from around the world by westerners and also easterners. The context of the book is talking about the United States classic low class families. For easterners, they might not be well…show more content…
In The Glass Menagerie, Amanda has an aggressive characterization, she is holding on to her son and daughter. “Oh! I felt so weak I could barely keep on my feet! ...Just gone up the spout like that” (Williams 13). From this quote we can see that Amanda is making Laura do something that she didn’t want to do and when the command is not done she turns upset. Back in the 1940s mom being aggressive is a very common thing that happens, the adults take control over the family. But now days, in the modern world children have more of their own opinions of what to do. Readers who are reading back in the 1940s will think that Amanda is being a normal mom that is teaching their own children what to do, for readers in the modern world Amanda would become a mom that cares too much for their own children which will make them feel

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