Essay On The Great Depression And Crime

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Crime and the Great Depression
When people think what has change in the past century, what would they say? Some will say advanced technology, others will say the culture was steadily evolving, and big portion would say the country’s crime rate. The crime has drastically changed, and people do not have a clear answer to what caused the uproar to the United States’ crime rate. The main time period where this occurred was in the Great Depression. The Great Depression lasted the late 1920s till the late 1930s (1929-1939), which resembled the fallen United States of America. In order to understand why the sudden increase of the crime rate during the Great Depression, one must know what started the Great Depression and other contributing factors prior to the event of the …show more content…

If stock brokers knew how to predict the stocks, this wouldn’t of een a problem. Overall, prices of stock continued to drop as the United States slumped into the Great Depression, which led to a massive 25 percent unemployment rate. Throughout this period, unemployment benefits did not exist, the people of America would resort to extreme measures in order to provide food and shelter for their families.
The Great Depression was seen as a time of great poverty across the nation that forced many Americans into unemployment and poor health. The unemployment aspect of the depression was a key aspect to the rise of the crime, since there were very few government police protecting and enforcing the law, as a result, many Americans resorted to crime as a means of bettering themselves and their economic situation.( Theft and alcohol-related crime began to increase with the recession. Unemployment and poverty are believed by many to be two of the main factors behind crime during the Great Depression. Factors such as prohibition, organized crime and gangsterism also influenced the increased crime rate.
Unemployment and poverty produced crime during the Great Depression in several ways.

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