Essay On The Health Care Delivery System

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The Health Care Delivery System There are certain credentials the health care industry require to regulate the profession, its members, and their performance. The three major ways for this to be done are through licensure, certification, and accreditation. According to Alleman & Houle (2013) “licensure is the granting of authority to practice” (p. 221). It can be further described as a process by which government agencies give permission (time-limited) to an individual to undertake a specific occupation after verifying that he/she is qualified for this privilege. Licensure is usually granted through standardized criteria, such as education, experience, and examination. Licensure is required in health care organizations as “licensing is…show more content…
The majority of respondents thought it important for physicians to be reevaluated on their qualifications every few years and that physicians should do more to demonstrate ongoing competence than is currently required by the profession” (Brennan et al., 2004).
Silvis (2011) described accreditation as “A voluntary process by which a nongovernmental entity grants a time-limited recognition or credentials to an organization after verifying that predetermined and standardized criteria are met.” In respect to nursing, “accreditation is the formal review and approval by a recognized agency of educational degree or certification programs in nursing or nursing-related programs” (Alleman & Houle, 2013, p. 221). It is important to have academic accreditation in any field of study, but more so, it is extremely important to healthcare. Due to the high level of competition and growth in the healthcare industry, educational institutions have to compete for the highest educational credentials. Accreditation is required in health care organizations because it “reflects an agency’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that demonstrate a higher level of performance and patient care” (ACHC, 2015). Accreditation is also required in healthcare-related professions, because state licensure definitely require that
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