Essay On The House Of The Scorpion

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In the story The House of the Scorpion there is a lot of immigration.Immigration is something people do to get a better life.Some people do it to get away from the prime minister or the president of the country because they don't like them. Or some do it to get better rights or better laws than the one they have in their home country.

Immigrants jobs can be good or really bad. Immigrants usually have better jobs than us americans.Immigrants speak different languages so they can get jobs easier and some immigrants have something they are good at. Some immigrants come with a specialty toward the job they want to get. The data i got says,’In fact,the share of immigrant men holding a job is higher than native-born men.’ This shows the immigrants have jobs the worth more than a U.S mans life. The data says,’Better employment opportunities and a desire for a better living and future. This is
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Some have special things that they can do better than other people. In the data it says,’Federal means-tested public benefits including medicaid, supplemental security income(SSI), Food stamps, the state children's health insurance program.’ This means that the immigrants don't have to pay for their children's insurance and will only have to pay for their insurance. In the data it says,’While PRWORA stripped most foreign nationals for their eligibility for benefits, it also mandated any person, regardless of immigration status, remains eligible for certain safety-net benefits, such as emergency medical services,non cash. In-kind natural disaster relief ; immunization at treatments for communicable disease; prenatal care and in-kind community programs such as soup kitchens or short-term shelter.’ This shows that immigrants have shelter and food when they come into the states.Some immigrants may not get all of these benefits if they have lived in the country for a very long
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