Essay On The Journey Of The Cliffss

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Torin maneuvered the small skiff to the narrow white sand beach directly below the imposing cliff which rose nine hundred and twenty-two feet above the shore. These sea cliffs were some of the highest on the British mainland. Duncan and Torin leaped out of the boat to pull it to shore. Duncan extended his hand to Adaira to steady her as threw her leg over the high gunwale of the craft. "This is a beautiful secluded little beach, but I don't see any stairs to reach the top of cliffs." "To anyone unfamiliar with my parents’ home you won't see the way above. If you walk to the base of the cliffs during the low tide there is a small ancient entrance hidden among quartzite rock." Torin pointed to a spot at the base of the…show more content…
"Easy for you to say, you don't have a fear of heights or more precise a fear of being close to the edge with huge dropout." "Ye have nothing to fear, both Torin and I will have a hold on ye. No harm will come to ye." "Trust is hard to give when your brain isn't thinking, rational and your stomach wants to do back-flips. Where the hell are the lights down here?" "Are ye thinking of the climb or something else lass? Besides, electric lights were not invented for another eight-hundred years when this passage-way was built by the original Selkie clan." "Well, we have had the benefit of electricity for two-hundred years now, it's about time you guys get an upgrade for the bat cave or should I say the Selkie cave? Other than electric lights how about some of those battery operated headlamp thingy's?" "If we had human's visiting my parent's home often we probably would have put a light up, but as I said only a few humans have ever come to my parents’ home by way of the hidden cave entrance." "I hope Gunnar appreciates what I am willing to do to help you retrieve him from this desolate area of Scotland." "If he doesn't I will chastise him and make him see the error of his
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