Essay On The Kite Runner

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Title: The Kite Runner
Author: Khaled Hosseini
Year of publication: 2003

Amir, the Pashtun grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan in a nice home with Hassan, Baba and Ali. Hassan, the Hazara was his best friend, half brother and the son of his servant Ali. They always played en read books together, if nobody was there. And of course they loved kite running together. They loved each other, but Hassan loved Amir more. He always said to Amir: “ I will do anything for you, Amir Agha.”
Baba is the father of Amir and he blames Amir from the death of his mother, because she died during his birth. Baba always thought that Amir was not a real boy, because he always cried and never came up for himself. So Baba learned him to be a good man, and doing what is right.
After Amir
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In 2001 Amir got a call from his father’s friend Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan told him that there was a way to be good again.

Amir is the protagonist of The Kite Runner. He is sensitive and behave a bit jealousy toward anyone receiving Baba’s affection. For instance Baba’s relationship with Hassan, Baba always treated Hassan like Amir while Hassan is the servant’s son. Amir grew up from a selfish child to a selfless adult.

Hassan is also a main character in the novel. Hassan is the best friend, half brother and the servant’s son of Amir. Hassan is loyal, forgiving and good-natured. Hassan has a round face like a Chinese doll. He has a flat, broad nose and slanting, narrow green eyes. Hassan also has a hare lip.

Coming of age: Sin and Redemption
Sin and redemption is a theme of coming of age because during your growth, you make a lot of mistakes or sins. When you are older, you will look back at this sins and trying to make it good. Redemption describes someone who has done bad things, recognise that they are bad and wants to become good again. In The Kite Runner is redemption very important because a sin is everlasting. Amir opened the story by telling us about sin’s endurance:
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