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According to Murray and Mckinney (2014) a major function of the liver is the conjugation of bil-irubin. Jaundice is the result of hyperbilirubinemia, which is excessive bilirubin in the blood. Pre-term babies have an 80% chance of this happening to them, and term babies have a 60% chance since newborn livers might not be able to break down the bilirubin. After birth, fewer erythro-cytes are needed and bilirubin is the source of hemolysis of erythrocytes. The red blood cells (RBC) release their components in the blood, but bilirubin is unusable in the blood. It is toxic to the body and needs to be excreted. Bilirubin is first released in unconjugated form also called indirect bilirubin, which is soluble in fat but not in water. Since this…show more content…
The nurse should assess the level of jaundice every 8 hours by evaluating the skin color in good light, and document the areas affected by jaundice. The nurse can use a hand held transcutaneous bilirubin device to test the skin of the infant. Blood samples can also be taken from the infant, but is painful and expensive. Jaundice begins at the head and moves down the body as bilirubin levels rise in the infant (Murray & Mckinney, 2014, p.658).According to Murray and McKinney (2014), in the United States the most common surgery on males is circumcision. A circumcision is the removal of the prepuce (foreskin) which is a fold of skin that covers the glans penis. It is a controversial issue and has benefits and risks. The benefits include the reduction of penile cancer, urinary tract infections in the first year, human immunode-ficiency virus (HIV) infection, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Some parents select cir-cumcision for religious, cultural, or social reasons. Some parents do not realize that they have the option to choose, and think it is an expected part of a newborn boys care. Parents may be con-cerned that their child will develop phimosis when they are older. It is the tightening of the pre-puce, which can prevent retraction and would require circumcision. Poor hygiene can increase the

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